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Sayjil Magan

Executive Head at Hello Paisa

Sayjil Magan is the Executive Head of Hello Paisa. Hello Paisa is the financial services division of the Hello Group and Sayjil leads the international remittance and digital banking products which Hello Paisa currently offers its customers. Since joining Hello Paisa in 2016, Sayjil champions Hello Paisa’s mission to create game-changing integrated consumer and business services, which are low cost, easily accessible and amazingly simple to use with technology at the very core, for underserved communities. Sayjil’s passion is focussed around customer centricity and operational efficiency. Most recently, he was part of the dynamic team that launched South Africa’s latest digital retail bank offering, aiming to serve the unbanked. Sayjil graduated from the University of Pretoria, earning, his bachelor of commerce degree in financial management in 2007, a diploma in insolvency law and practice in 2008 and his bachelor of laws degree in 2009. Previously, Sayjil practiced as a mergers and acquisitions attorney at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc as well as ENS Africa for a combined period of 7 years.
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