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Saleh Mosaibah

CEO at STC Pay

Saleh bin Salem Musibah, CEO Saleh Musaibah is an accomplished and dynamic leader who held senior leading positions in different industries over the past 17 years. Having the vision and perception combined with his skills business leadership, Marketing expertise and strong technological know-how he changed the face and nature of organizations where he led them to successes. Saleh is currently the co-founder and CEO of STC Pay. Previously Saleh was the VP of B2B Marketing and Business where he oversaw marketing planning and alliances of STC B2B. Before this Saleh also held the position of VP of Cloud and Data Centre Services and was responsible for STC Cloud strategy and execution. He also went beyond and above expectations and achieved many major successes at STC. Before joining STC Saleh also served 7 years in Cisco Systems International as the Regional Manager for Civilian and Government Healthcare and also served as the Applications Platforms Solutions Manager for 7 years at Microsoft. Saleh earned his Bachelors in Computer information systems from Applied sciences University in Jordan.
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