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Jeremy De Smet

Chief Executive Officer at Moneytrans

Before joining Moneytrans Jeremy has gained multiple experiences in the banking sector and the tax & legal domain, taking advantage of his Master Degree in Law from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. Jeremy started his journey at Moneytrans in 2005, not long after the launch of the company, as Head of legal & compliance in the Brussels HQ. He became soon after Deputy General Manager and contributed over the years to the business expansion in Europe and Africa. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2011 which corresponds to the year of certification for Moneytrans as a European Payment Institution, a project Jeremy led from start to finish. Jeremy was appointed CEO of the Moneytrans Group in December 2018. Jeremy is passionate about innovative finance & financial inclusion and is therefore committed to bringing Moneytrans to the next level of product development and commercialization, positioning the company as a leading neo-bank for migrant workers in Europe and a HUB of reference for money transfer operators across the globe.
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