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Hazem Mulhim

Chief Executive Officer at EastNets

Hazem Mulhim’s background is multilayered, established through a career spanning 35 years in international markets. After his graduation from Bulgaria with a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and Medical Electronics, Mulhim began his professional career working at Siemens in Kuwait in 1980, where he experienced firsthand how computing was starting to transform the health industry. As the digital revolution was just starting worldwide in the early 1980s, he took a decision to get closer to the epicenter of innovation, moving to the US to work. There, he would accentuate his entrepreneurial vision and develop a deeper insight into the emerging technologies and markets. Later in 1984, he moved to Jordan to establish what now is, EastNets. In 2007, EastNets acquired SIDE International, a leader in AML solutions based in Belgium. This expansion strategy worked and soon EastNets was serving a 750-strong client base. Mulhim’s acute vision and industry insight would help EastNets secure multiple prestigious international awards and in one recent case achieving leadership in one global compliance industry vertical. Mulhim had also continued his academic drive, earning a Certificate of Advanced Management Program (AMP) from the prestigious Institute of INSEAD, France, and an OWP from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland.
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