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Uzbek bank launches online money transfer service via QIWI and CONTACT

Uzbek commercial bank "UniversalBank" has offered its clients the opportunity to receive money transfers to UzCard card of any bank without the need to visit the bank, “" reported.

"Money transfers are more convenient and cheaper now. The money can be received on the card in one click without tedious queues and long expectations," the press service of the bank said.

"UniversalBank" together with QIWI and UzCard has launched a new project entitled as "Online money transfers". It is possible now to send money from anywhere in the world through the CONTACT system.

The money transfer is credited at the currency exchange rate of "UniversalBank" in the national currency on a plastic card of any bank. The limit for sending money from foreign countries is $500. The commission of 2 percent shall be paid by the sender.

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