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How partnering with UniTeller helps businesses grow

UniTeller Financial Services Inc. is a cross-border payments company based in the United States and one of the market leaders offering cross-border payment processing services. With an extensive network of more than 175,000 paying locations worldwide, UniTeller offers coverage throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe covering key remittance corridors such as US-Mexico, US-India, US-Vietnam, and US-Philippines.

Creating Robust and Integrated Payment Systems

At UniTeller, we partner closely with businesses around the world to deliver some of the most innovative and secure cross-border payment solutions that are fuelling this digital revolution. We offer Money Transfer Operators, Corporations, FinTechs, Banks, and Retailers end-to-end integration support to enable both businesses and individuals to move funds internationally and instantaneously.

To support the growth in demand for digital payments, UniTeller’s Turnkey White-Label and API solutions and integrations also allow partners to fully leverage the shift to digital by getting access to a full turnkey digital solution. By implementing cutting-edge remittance applications into their businesses, UniTeller’s partners can swiftly process cross-border payments across UniTeller’s global network leveraging not only UniTeller’s digital capabilities but also its best-in-class security and compliance program.

In 2021, UniTeller was recognized by FXC Intelligence as one of the top 100 cross-border payment companies placing UniTeller among the cream of the crop.

Extensive Network of Local Partners

To achieve UniTeller’s goal of making financial services accessible to everyone, establishing partnerships with key market players is important. UniTeller’s existing payer network includes some of the biggest financial institutions in key remittance-receiving markets.

In April 2021, UniTeller announced its partnership with one of the Philippines’ major banks, Security Bank, to enable greater financial access for Filipino remittance receivers. Security Bank joins other major financial institutions in the Philippines that are within UniTeller’s payer. With the Philippines being such a major remittance-receiving market, partnering with key market players enables UniTeller to bring cutting-edge payment solutions with the best-in-class security and compliance to even more customers.

In addition, UniTeller also recently launched a new payment service to Brazil in partnership with one of the country’s largest payment processors, Pontual Money Transfer. Having the largest payout network in Brazil, Pontual offers account deposit services for P2P, B2B and B2C across 52 banks.

The addition of strong players in the receiving side also increases the accessibility of digital payment channels for users, eliminating the traditional pain points experienced by remittance customers. As an industry leader, it’s important that UniTeller works closely with key stakeholders on the ground such as Money Transfer Operators, Banks, Fintechs, International Payers, and Retailers in order to bring financial services to local communities.

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