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Airtel partners with WorldRemit

Airtel is expanding its mobile money services offering to more than the current 14-countries where it has fintech coverage across sub-Saharan Africa.

Airtel Money services are already available in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC), Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, and Niger. Customers can now send money to Mobile Money accounts from Rwanda via WorldRemit. With Airtel Money, mobile money users can transfer money both locally and internationally. They can also make utility payments, pay merchants, save money in their mobile wallets, purchase airtime, and access mobile financial products.

Andrew Stewart, Managing Director for Middle East & Africa, WorldRemit, said: “The connection to more Mobile Money accounts through Airtel Africa allows us to expand our payout network and options available to customers across the continent. It is really exciting and important to us that we continue to increase financial inclusion for our customers in Africa whilst delivering a fast, affordable and secure service.”

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