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Money Transfer Asia Pacific 2015

24-25 November 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Money Transfer Asia Pacific 2015



MTAPAC 2015 is organised by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) and the Malaysian Association of Money Services Business (MAMSB), with the support of Bank Negara Malaysia


MTAPAC 2015 will be held on 24th & 25th November 2015, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Changing The Game Through Non-Conventional Channels and Innovation In Remittances

The impact of remittances is recognized across the globe. The introduction of online and mobile money transfer systems in many developing countries has been a game changer by enhancing accessibility via more cost-effective means of sending money. Globally, the mobile money industry has been continuously growing and expanding. Recently, a broad range of innovative services including mobile technology have been launched in various parts of the world in partnership with banks. Through these technological advancements, consumers are able to receive remittances faster, cheaper and in their vicinity by using mobile phones and other devices. Nonetheless, enhancing formal remittance service outreach and capturing larger volume of remittances in the formal financial system are critical to leverage remittances for economic growth.


This event will explore the global remittance markets, the development impact of remittances in the Asia and Pacific Region.  We will look at what has changed and, more importantly, what is likely to change. We will look at the major flows and some of the opportunities and threats to continued growth. A session on Mobile payment will be key as the use of mobile phones for funds transfer in the Asia-Pacific region is outstripping that of most developed countries. The massive increase in the payments, remittances and banking transaction value is anticipated to be driven by the Asia-Pacific region. This event will showcase the dynamism and innovation of the remittance marketplace. It will also serve as a platform where views can be exchanged on how to address obstacles and challenges.


Sasana Kijang

2 Jalan Dato'Onn

50480 Kuala Lumpur



Some of our speakers are:



Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas

Celcom Axiata


Dow Jones  







Moneygram International  


Ria Money Transfer       

Satoshi Citadel  



and more...





1.00pm – 2.30pm         Registration


2.30pm - 3.00pm          Launch of Event by Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Muhammad bin Ibrahim

                                     Deputy Governor - Bank Negara Malaysia


3.00pm - 4.30pm          Regulatory Compliance Strategies & Challenges: Insights from Practitioners

                                     Western Union Company, Moneygram International, Naushad Hussain,

                                     CIMB Investment Bank Bhd, IAMTN 



4.30pm - 5.00pm          Coffee break


5.00pm - 7.00pm          De-Risking by Banks and Implications for Money Services Business (MSB) Operations

                                     UK HM Revenue & Customs, International Association of Money Transfer Networks, 

                                     Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia Bhd, The World Bank Group 



7.00pm                         Networking Reception hosted by MAMSB  & IAMTN


8.00pm                         Arrival Of Guest of Honour

                                     Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Muhammad bin Ibrahim - Deputy Governor - Bank Negara Malaysia


10.00pm                       End of Day 1







9.00am - 10.00pm    The changing face of the payments landscape



10.00am -11.00pm   Remittance Market Overview

Regulators: BSP, FCA (UK)

                                  Private Sector: Ria Money Transfer, Valuatrans and ICICI Bank 


11.00am - 11.30pm  Coffee break


11.30am -12.30pm   Discussion on Mobile payment 

Despite the vast potential to tap the mobile channel for remittances, this has yet to be fully cultivated due to a variety of regulatory and operational challenges. We would like the discussion to focus on the set-up, challenges and implementation of remittances services through mobile phones and the impact on wider collection and distribution of remittances. Latest Developments, the future and the key players 

Panelists: Orbit, Homesend, TransferTo, Celcom


12.30pm – 1.30pm    Lunch


1.30pm - 2.30pm      Is the future all digital? 

Is digital all a hype, or is cash still king? Innovation in technology are enabling remittances to develop new channels. This session will focus on market conditions and reforms that are conducive to introducing, attracting and developing new business models. 

Panelists: Azimo, Ria Money Transfer, Kangaroo, MoneyGram International


2.30pm - 3.30pm      Discussion on Cryptocurrency – Latest Developments & The Future

Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, are a new form of digital currency that have been gaining worldwide attention. What are they exactly? What place do they have in the remittance business?

Panelists: Satochi Citadel,,  Fuzo


3.30pm - 4.00pm     Coffee break


4.00pm - 5.00pm      Trends and Innovation on Foreign Exchange 

Panelists: Travelex, Ria Money Transfer, Bursa Malaysia


5.00pm - 5.30pm      Trends & Challenges for AML/KYC screening in Asia

Dow Jones


5.30pm                     End of Conference

Gold Partners:

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer

Ria, is the third largest money transfer company in the world and part of an industry that moves more than $580 billion each year. From a single storefront in 1987, we’ve grown to more than 272,000 locations, with services in over 147 countries. Ria exists thanks to the dreams of nearly 250 million international migrants that left their homes in search of something more.



We have established a strong pay-out network to allow our customers to connect with loved ones anywhere in the world. Our Partners: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe and Australia.



UAE Exchange – Truly the World’s Trusted Money Transferrer UAE Exchange, established in 1980, has grown to become the leading global remittance and foreign exchange brand. It has over 725 direct offices in 32 countries, which makes it the largest global network in its class. This trusted neighbourhood brand has also built a wide range of services under one roof, emerging into a true financial supermarket.

IME Remit

IME Remit

IME Ltd. is in the business of remittance solutions specializing in the delivery of world class money transfer services to families and friends around the globe. It all started 15 years ago with a humble step yet a gargantuan aspiration. Today IME boasts of a widespread international presence spanning 25 countries, a network of over 100,000 payout locations worldwide, a highly efficient workforce of more than 1000 diverse employees and a customer base of millions.



Designed for individual customers, SpeedSend offers fast international remittances that is available in 16 key markets. We partner with both bank and non-financial entities to provide customers the convenience to send and receive money. We provide flexibility to both Sender and Receiver of a money transfer by allowing various modes of payment for the money transfer transaction such as Cash to Cash, Cash to Account, Account to Account and Account to Cash transactions.



Silver Partners:

Finance Accreditation Agency

Finance Accreditation Agency

The FAA is responsible for raising the standards and quality of professional learning and development in the financial services industry. It aims to create highly skilled and internationally mobile professionals for the global financial services industry.

Association of Payment Systems Indon

Association of Payment Systems Indon

The Remittance Association of Indonesia ( APPUI ) was established on 20 December 2009 and is the umbrella organization for Money Transfer (Remittance) businesses in Indonesia. APPUI is the only organization that embodies Remittance Companies in Indonesia. APPUI is active in building and ensuring the governance and realizing business and economic growth in an orderly manner in line with laws and regulations. APPUI is also member of the Association of Payment Systems Indonesia.

Bronze Partners:



Instant Cash provides a state of the art electronic Money Transfer System. Developed for the masses across the globe, instant Cash charges the lowest fees for remittances and is backed by the latest technology for reliability. The product is monitored and serviced round the clock by our dedicated customer service professionals to deliver a fast and reliable service.

Spectrum Forex

Spectrum Forex

SpectrumForex was founded in 2000 primarily servicing the foreign exchange needs globally. Since then SpectrumForex has grown to major international payments brand servicing both private and corporate clients across the globe.

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